*MLC* Landed in SA mid January 2017.

It’s a program from Norway, in Europe.

*MLC* is a peer to peer platform where members create dreams and donate to each other. There’s options to choose when creating a dream from 50% in 3 days to 100% in 5 days.

NB! Only register if…

NB! Only register if you have cash in hand, orders come out in seconds.

*BUT you have 24 hours to pay.

New changing peer to peer online network 2017.

Donation amounts and interest rate
  • Minimum: R200
  • Maximum:R5000
  • 50% in 3 days | 100% in 5 days
About the system
  • A fully automated system for allocations.
  • After 24 hours of no payment, system removes and blocks, new blesser added.
  • 72 hours to pay your order.
  • Orders come out after 2 hours.