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MYLIFECHANGE247 is a peer to peer global funds exchange community, full of great and selfless people willing to help one another achieve their dreams.

✔Opening special to the first 20 people only.
✔Short term.
✔Peer to peer.
✔1 March 2019.
✔50% in 3 days.
✔100% in 5 days.
✔10% referral bonus.
✔Minimum R200.
✔Maximum R5000.
✔24 hours to pay your order.
✔0 – 72 hours phs waiting period.
✔Come lets work together and change lives

Donate using Bitcoin and Bank Transfer.

From as little as R200. Wait from 3 to 5 days.

24 hours, 7 days. Mondays to Sundays.

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